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September 4 (Women’s Caucus Day, Montebello) and September 5 (NWLC Day, Ottawa)

Posted on August 27, 2012

SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 – MONTEBELLO:  Women’s Caucus Invitation From Dr. Carolyn Bennett

The National Women’s Liberal Commission and our past-candidates are welcomed to join us for a general discussion and social on September 4th from 3:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. in Montebello.

From 3:30 – 6:00 p.m. we will meet in the Tent on the Montebello grounds to have a discussion around the RESPECT Tour Women’s Caucus is hoping to launch this fall.  Please come help us define it!

At 6:30 we will do a Webcasted Town hall live from Montebello with our critics Carolyn Bennett, Chair, Women’s Caucus,  Judy Sgro, Chair of the Status of Women Committee, Hedy Fry, Critic for Health as well as women’s groups and local Liberals – to launch our women’s caucus ‘Respect Tour’ !

Please note that the drive to Montebello is a little less than 90′ from Ottawa.  I hope you’re all having a terrific summer !  See you in September (as the song says!)




The National Women’s Liberal Commission (NWLC) is starting a process to write a manual that starts as someone becomes a supporter right through to being a candidate with everything else in between. This is a massive undertaking but if taken in bite size pieces, it can have this done within the year.

On Sept 5 NWLC is going to start with 5 or 6 topics with facilitators and develop the first few chapters that will include Nominations. NWLC will start with materials gathered from old and new documents.  Then, every few months across the country, groups of interested women will get together to develop the next chapters, etc.  NWLC envisions Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes, the Prairies and BC all having workshops on the same day.  NWLC would roll up the work product and recirculate for approval in both official languages.  This manual will be posted on line and will be an evergreen document that will continue to be edited and improved upon and NWLC members will always have access to it.

Who does NWLC want to attend?  Every Liberal Woman, be they supporter or member that is interested.  NWLC is just starting this and having a good mix of experienced women and new people is what it is hoping for.  NWLC will be relying on the clubs for advice and direction to make sure that women know about the workshop and want to come and participate.  40 women can comfortably fit in the Aboriginal room plus some extra. NWLC has not costed this out yet but will keep the costs as low as possible.

NWLC hopes to have more information on the actual workshops titles for Sept 5.  Please come and give your in-put and support this undertaking.”


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