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OWLC Executive

Our goal as an organization is to ensure that all Liberal women have an equal opportunity to participate and be involved at all levels of our Party through recruitment, engagement, empowerment, activism, fundraising and training. We are here to help!

Executive Committee of the Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission

The Executive Committee of the OWLC is laid out in Article 4 of the OWLC Constitution and is comprised of 18 current board members and the Immediate Past President of the organization. Each member plays a crucial role in the Committee’s work and carries an equal vote on Executive Committee matters.

Management Committee Officers

The Officers of the Management Committee are laid out in Article 6 of the OWLC Constitution. These members meet at least four times in each calendar year whether in person or by some other means to make recommendations to the full Executive Committee. All Management Committee Officers are also Officers of the Executive Committee and are members of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) Executive Board. The following are the current Management Committee Officers:

  • President – Cristina Taglione
  • Executive Vice-President – Alicia Natividad
  • Recording Secretary – Anne Venton
  • Treasurer – Nancy Cutler
  • Immediate Past President – Lynne Steele

Vice-Presidential Officers – Engagement Team

In addition to the Management Committee, there are three other members of the Executive Committee who also serve as members of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) Executive Board. These Officers hold the three primary engagement positions on the Executive Committee, working with the broader membership of the OWLC on policy, communications, and organization initiatives while shaping the way our organization engages with LPC, OLP, and the broader public. The following are the current Officers for these positions:

  • Vice-President Policy – Soudeh Ghasemi
  • Vice-President Organization – Hillary Buchan-Terrell
  • Vice-President Communications – Gabrielle Gallant

Vice-Presidential Officers – Organizational Team

There are also six Vice-Presidents of the OWLC who are responsible for liaising with both the federal and provincial parties as well as other commissions within those parties and, most importantly, members of the OWLC itself. This group is responsible for the health of the organization by building strong ties with the parties the OWLC serves, expanding our membership rolls, building up our bank account to help support women in politics, engaging young women in the political process, and ensuring our own governing rules allow for the increased participation of Liberal women in politics. The following are the current Officers for these positions:

  • Vice-President Federal – Kate Gardner
  • Vice-President Provincial – Gloria Reszler
  • Vice-President Membership – Sharon McCarthy
  • Vice-President Fundraising – Donna Nelson
  • Vice-President Constitutional & Legal Affairs – Marsha Mann
  • Vice-President Young Women – Maddy Dinsdale

Vice-Presidential Officers – Regional Team

Liberal women are involved in politics right across the province and the OWLC provides an access point to our organization for all of these women in every corner of the province. The following are the current Regional Vice-Presidents of the OWLC:

  • Vice-President Greater Toronto Area North & West – Layla Popal-Sharif
  • Vice-President Greater Toronto Area Central – Esra Ozer
  • Vice-President Eastern Ontario – Patricia Pepper
  • Vice-President Northern Ontario – Liz Poulin
  • Vice-President South Western Ontario – Sara Koyounian