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National Women’s Liberal Commission

The National Women’s Liberal Commission is the voice of women in the Liberal Party of Canada.

We are committed Liberals with a mandate from the Liberal Party to work, both inside the Party and out, to bring about the equality of women in Canada. Our task is threefold.

We bring women into the Liberal Party, nurture their involvement and help them grow as activists at every level of the Party.

We bring issues of concern to women to the Liberal debate.

We educate, discuss and formulate positions, and lobby both inside the Party and among all Canadians. We work with all Liberals to bring about equal representation of women at all levels of the Party.

It is our particular aim to bring about equal representation in the House of Commons, the Senate and the provincial and territorial legislatures. All Liberals, in keeping with the tradition of the Party, are committed to equality.

We have taken the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to heart and put this principle into writing as part of the Constitution of the Liberal Party of Canada. The Party has given the National Women’s Liberal Commission a mandate to make those words on paper a reality for all Canadians.